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About Us

Media Measure is a Media Intelligence Company providing media compliance, competitor tracking and market data analysis. Our key focus is radio, television and print broadcasting across the African Media landscape.

Core Services & Footprint.

Media Compliance

Great value is lost as a result of non-compliance. We track, monitor and report on radio & television campaigns; ensuring your advertisements are aired exactly as agreed upon with stations.

Competitor Tracking

We track and analyse competitors’ on-air campaigns, giving you insight into industry practices and behaviour as well as a competitive edge in your specific markets.

Market Intelligence

We collect and analyse relevant data to help you make more informed marketing decisions. We give you access to data, intelligence and insights that allow you to improve your next marketing campaign.

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Our Services

Compliance Reporting

We track television and radio flightings by the second to ensure that your adverts are flighting as per the schedule.

Share of Voice

We track your brand's exposure and time on air compared to that of the competition.

Share of Spend

We track your brand's spend per medium and station compared to that of other competitive brands in the same sector.

Market Insights & Trends

We analyse marketing trends allowing you to make better media investment decisions best suited to the market.

Print Monitoring

We monitor print mediums for advertisement and provide insights market, sector and brand.

Out of Home Monitoring

We track advertisement content on billoards, streetpoles, digital signage to give you a full scope of advertising within a market.

How It Works?

What's under the hood.

Broadcast Capture

Our robust technology captures television and radio in 35 key Africa markets.

The SmartWare!

Our cutting-edge, audio/video identification technology searches for advertising activity in radio and television broadcasts

Dashboarding & Reports

Data is analysed by our analysis servers to deliver data that is relevant for you and your brand

Our Clients

We work with brands, marketing agencies and media owners to ensure we can deliver to all partners in the media space.

" Media Measure have given me confidence that my adverts are flighting as per schedule. They have also given me amazing insight into the markets themselves and what my competition are doing."

- Umar Dockrat, Stream Africa


" We have worked with Media Measure to build a custom-built solution for my business and the results are outstanding!
We are thrilled with the manner in which their tech has revolutionised our business."

- Aggrey Wabulwenyi, Lokhart Sipe


" Media Measure have streamlined the way we do our reporting and are saving us days on compliance and insights reporting. These enhacemenets have made it possible for us apply our focus to delvering better value to our clients."

- Ebony Verty

Brand Manager

Our Pricing

Compliance Reporting


on net media spend

Compliance Reporting

Trigger Alerts

Weekly Reports

Insights Measurement


per month

Compliance Reporting

Market Intelligence

Competitor Tracking



Pricing upon request

Custom Design

Multi Market/Brand

API Integration

Frequently Asked Questions


For User

How does the tech work?

We use audio-fingerprinting and video watermarking technology to automatically detection advertisement within a broadcast.


For User

How do I access reports?

Reports can be accessed via our online portal or can be prepared and sent to you by our compliance and insights experts


For Agency & Advertiser

Better pricing for multiple brands?

Of course! We will be happy to negotiate a better price for multiple brands in multiple markets as a packaged deal.


For Media Owner

How do we ensure accuracy?

We keep broadcast recordings to ensure that we can re-playback to check validity of our reports. Audio/Video proof is sent alongside each report.


For Partner

Is there an API integration?

Yes! Data can be received via an API for easy integration into your existing tools. We will co-develop this with you to best suit your requirements.


For User

How fast are adverts detected?

Advert flightings are detected within 15 minutes of broadcast, letting you know immediately that your campaign is on air.

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